St.Petersburg second call

– Jannik

Last weekend I viseted beautiful St.Petersburg (Russia) for the second time.

Together with with my girlfriend Nikki and her friend Anna we visited the most famous and beautiful places the city has to offer.

Our favorite way to explore the city is a free walking tour. These tours are amazing because they are highly frequented from people all over the world. At a free walking tour a guide will show you the most interesting places and also explains their history. It is a great way to get detailed insides of the places around and is also a great way of meeting other visitors and exchanging information about their favorite places and experiences. At the end of the tour you can decide yourself how much you want to tip your guide.

St. Petersburg has a very interesting history and architecture. There is so many to look at that I’m not able to tell you where to start. For us it worked out perfectly to start on the Newski Prospekt which is one of the main streets in St.Petersburg. Everything from Newski Prospekt is in walking distance.

St.Petersburg has such an interesting history and architecture and there is so much to explore that I can’t even tell you where to start. The best advice is to find out yourself. IN four sure will travel to St.Petersburg again in the near future.

In the meantime enjoy my empresions.

One advice I can give to you: Use the Tram and the metro of St.Petersburg. It is amazing. To enter the metro you have to drive down with an escalator and it feels like you will go to the middle of earth. Once you are in the subway you will see the most beautiful metro stations you ever seen.