Welcome to Waiheke Island!


Welcome to Waiheke Island!

We started our journey in Auckland and met some awesome people. Thank you, Flora, for the great time with you and your friends! We had to wait for our camper van and therefore we decided to take the chance to stay one week on Waiheke Island. Waiheke is an amazing island which you will access via a nice 40 minutes ferry trip. Waiheke has lot’s to offer.


Waiheke offers plenty of possible hiking trails¬†that are very easy to walk compered to others. It’s up to you were you want to go and how long your hike should take. We have hiked several tracks. One thing is clear you always will find a nice view like you see below.


Due to the geographical location, the perfect soil and weather conditions Waiheke has a lot of vine yards. We visited the Thomas Batch vinery and enjoyed a vine tasting including a fabulous view over Waiheke.

Landscapes and sunsets

Waiheke can offer beautiful landscapes and sunsets all over the island.