Kuta, Lombok Indonesia

Welcome to Lombok, Indonesia, time to detox!

– Jannik

Welcome to Lombok, Indonesia, time to detox!

Wow, Wow, Wow what happened, I thought you go for one year “All In” New Zealand? Yes, originally that was the plan, but plans can change from time to time! What happened, I wasn’t that happy in my job. On top of that the New Zealand winter killed it completely. Rain, 10° Celsius, single glazed windows and no decent heating wasn’t what we looked for. Call me a sissy, but if you have the choice for something better, why not! So we exchanged the damp and cold weather against sun, 35°degrees Celsius and a clear blue sky. Five weeks Lombok, Indonesia!

Kuta, Lombok Indonesia

Highly recommendable! Most of the time we have been to Kuta, Lombok. We stayed in a homestay called Tri Putri. The host Aya was wonderful. She was always helpful and such a nice person. Apart from Senggigi, Kuta is one of the main spots on Lombok and well known for his surf spots. But you can also enjoy other activities like Yoga or snorkelling.

Apart from the mentioned activities there are two more thinks I would like to mention. Beach-live and the amazing local food. Our favourite restaurant was “Warung Jawa 2”. It is always a good indicator if the locals go there for dinner as well. The food was the best we could find in Kuta. The two lady’s running the shop where lovely. They make it simple, but fantastic! We stayed in Kuta for more than three weeks.

A lot of people asked us “How could you stay for so long in just on place?” “Don’t you fear to miss something by just being on one place?”. The answer is pretty clear and easy to us, NO!

We love to just “be there”. Every day there is something new to discover and you will see and notice things you might not if you just rush through it. We invested a lot of time in ourselves, reading books, becoming more aware of what we want in live and what we plan to do in the future. We didn’t bought local cellphone data plans. The wifi was extremely poor and worked randomly. We also started to social media detox. If you even don’t have the feeling to miss your phone for 8 hours or longer you become aware of the fact how time wasting it can be.

Most of our communication is just on the surface and doesn’t go deep to your soul. With social media we created a platform of posing and unnecessary competition. We become addicted by posting pictures to social media and the idea of being connected to the world our there 24/7 is just insane. And it is FAKE! Not real!

  • Real communication is listening! 
  • Real communication is deep and meaningful!
  • Real communication is face to face, with eye contact, without interruptions! 
  • Real communication is spending time together, even better forget the time and stay and enjoy the moment!

I think in this few weeks of just “being there” me and my partner came closer together than ever before. We learned a lot of what we want to do and how we want to communicate. The book helped me most was:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R. Covey.

An all time classic! It just passed his 25 years anniversary, but didn’t lost anything of his gist. Beside the things for the church I support all of it. If you are interested to find out more about it, follow this link.

You are more then welcome to get in contact with me. I am still working on my “mission statement”,my “core values” and other parts of the book. I believe in “Team work can make a dream work!” So let’s work together.

Reading is just the beginning, doing it is the transformation to the next level!

After that time in Kuta we discovered the island and the Gilli Islands. The best thing was that we haven’t been alone! It was a bit of a coincidence that very close friends of us planed their holiday in Indonesia. So let’s meet each other over 11000 km from what we call home. It was awesome traveling together! We have been to the rice fields and waterfalls of Tetebatu, the amazing Mt. Rinjani and the Gilli Islands.

The best thing was: Our communication was real, face to face, deep and meaningful! Thank you!

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Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

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