Now or never

– Jannik

Now or never

I want to use this blog post to introduce and explain a bit more my website, blog and why everything is in English.

So first I will give you an answer why I have a website.

It’s my personal fun

I’m stepping more and more away from Facebook and just own my account to hold the photography page. I’m not that social media guy who is bothering people, just to keep my range and visibility up.

So why I have set up a blog page and why is everything in English.

I decided to change something in my life

It was time to break up my own boundaries to step out of my personal comfort zone.

Challenging yourself is one of the hardest things you can do in your life, but from time to time it is necessarily needed to renew your focus in life.

Personally, for me it was a big step to take that decision to leave Germany.

So, why I did that?

  • Why I said “No“ to my current job that I love?
  • Why I will miss the birth of really good friends kids?
  • Why I will miss the marriage of my cuisine and a loved couple of friends?

I’v got no kids, no car and no other obligations. So the answer was pretty clear “Now or never“!

So I decided to take a one year off Europe experience to gain more international experience.

For me this will be a challenging and changing year and I hope I will grow personally.
For sure I also hope that my photography, blogging and english skills will further improve 🙂

One important thing to mention

I’m not alone. I’m the luckiest guy on earth! My girl is with me. So the nice thing is that we can do this together and share our experiences.

I will give you brief updates and hopefully provide you some overwhelming pictures.

Stay tuned!